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Status: Completed

Latitude/Longitude (Datum NAD-83) : 36 41' 44.567" North   116 33' 46.769" West

Legal Description:  
Township 14 S Range 48 E
Section 33 NE 1/4 NE 1/4 1/4

Elevation (Datum NGDV-29): 
797.30 meters AMSL (2615.8 feet +/-) GPS

Access:  Take Highway 95 from the Lathrop Wells Junction 9.4 miles to the gate on the north side of the highway.  Take the gravel road 0.3 miles; turn east.

Purpose:  1) provide lithologic samples of spring deposits; 2) define valley-fill stratigraphic sequence and groundwater flow paths down-gradient of proposed repository; and 3) provide water level and water chemistry data.

NC-EWDP-9SX is located on paleospring deposits adjacent to the wash that drains the south-west flank of Yucca Mountain.  The site is located down-gradient of fractured volcanic rocks that provide a pathway for groundwater flow from the Yucca Mountain area.  The paleospring deposits are of note as these types of deposits are associated with past climates.  The drill site selected is adjacent to an existing road in an area which has previously been disturbed.  The borehole was drilled and logged to a total depth of 397 feet and completed with four screened intervals with Westbay sampling and pressure ports in the well casing.  Prior to completion, a 48 hour constant discharge test was conducted.  Water samples were collected for analysis.


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Last Updated on July 23, 2006