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Status: Completed

Latitude/Longitude (Datum NAD-83):
36 39' 50.772" North 
116 25' 26.835"1S_tm.gif (65884 bytes)  West

Legal Description:  
Township 15 S Range 49 E
Section 11 NW 1/4 SE 1/4 1/4

Elevation (Datum NGVD-29): 
meters AMSL (2701.7 ft +/-) GPS

Access:  Take Highway 95 from Lathrop Wells about 2.2 miles; turn north on the  gravel road.  Go north 1.0 mile.   The site is located on the west side of the road.

Purpose: 1) investigate the reported anomalous water level; 2) determine the   thickness and depth of the clay layer in the area west of Lathrop Wells; 3) provide water level and water chemistry data; and 4) investigate the reported occurrence of gas and oil shows.

NC-Washburn-1X is located near the site of an abandoned borehole drilled in 1958.  According to the Well Drillers Report for this well, the depth to water is 815 feet below land surface.  The Well Drillers Report also indicated a show of oil and gas at a depth of 793 to 804 feet.  The borehole was not cased and has subsequently caved.  To avoid problems during drilling and the liability of plugging and abandoning the existing borehole, NC-Washburn-1X was sited about 1/4 mile from the original Washburn well site.  The well was drilled to a depth of 658 feet and the static water level in the well after completion was 353.8 feet below land surface.  The clay that is 400+ feet thick at Lathrop Wells is only 7 feet thick at NC-Washburn-1X.  Water samples were collected for analysis.

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Last Updated July 23, 2006