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Latitude/Longitude (Datum NAD-83):    
36o 41' 37.057" North
116o 35' 13.992" West

Legal Description:   
Township 14S Range 48E    
Section 32 NW 1/4 SE 1/4

Elevation (Datum NGVD-29): 
774.56 meters AMSL (2,541.18 feet) GPS

Access:  Take Highway 95 west from the Lathrop Wells Junction 12.9 miles to the  gravel road on the south side of the highway.  Go south 0.3 miles, turn east on the powerline road.  Follow the road for 0.4 miles and take the right fork in the road.   Continue another 1.7 miles to the well site located on a slight rise.

Purpose: 1) provide lithologic samples; 2) define valley-fill stratigraphic sequence and groundwater flow paths down-gradient of the proposed repository; and 3) provide water level and water chemistry data.

NC-EWDP-12D is located in the northwestern Amargosa Desert about one mile south of the wells at NC-EWDP-1D and about 1.25 miles west of the well at NC-EWDP-9S.  The Highway 95 Fault runs between NC-EWDP-12D and the other two sites.   Three piezometers (NC-EWDP-12A, 12B and 12C) have been installed to serve as observation wells for a test of NC-EWDP-12D.  This test is designed to determine if there is hydraulic leakage across the Highway 95 Fault.  Current plans call for the completion and testing of NC-EWDP-12D in EWDP Phase III.


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Last Updated on July 23, 2006