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Status:  Completed. 

Latitude/Longitude (Datum NAD-83):  
  36o 42' 28.386" North
116o 29' 19.390" West

Legal Description:   
Township 14S, Range 49E,
Section 29 NW 1/4 NE 1/4

Elevation (Datum NGVD-29): 
843.54 meters AMSL (2,767.51 feet) GPS

Access: This well is located in a small unnamed valley approximately 9 miles south of the proposed Yucca Mountain repository and approximately 2 miles north of the Lathrop Wells cinder cone.  Turn north off Hwy 95 at a point just south of the cinder cone where the power-line crosses Hwy 95.  Proceed approximately 2 miles on the access road that runs N-S just east of the cinder cone.  The well is on the east side of the road.

Purpose: NC-EWDP-28P was designed to serve as a hydrogeologic exploration borehole to approximately 2,000 feet below ground surface and to serve as a piezometer well with a single screen extending across the water table.  Primary technical objectives include: 1) collect and geologically log continuous drill cutting samples and run borehole geophysical logs to approximately 2,000 feet; 2) Use these data to define the stratigraphic sequence and to better characterize geologic structural boundaries immediately south of the proposed repository; and 3) provide water level and water chemistry data from the uppermost aquifer.

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Last Updated on July 23, 2006