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Status:  Completed and drilled to a total depth of 763.0 feet.

Latitude/Longitude (Datum is NAD-83):
  36o 42' 15.090" North
116o 25' 05.906" West
Legal Description:
Township 14S Range 49E
Section 26 SE 1/4 NE 1/4

Ground Elevation (Datum NGVD-29):
868.33 meters AMSL (2,848.84 feet) GPS

Access: This well is located on the Nevada Test Site (NTS) and requires U.S. Department of Energy permission for access. Enter the NTS through Gate 510 and proceed 1.9 miles.  Turn left (west) around a sump (oasis) and continue west on the new road that was built as access to NC-EWDP-22S.

Purpose:  This well has four purposes: 1) to collect continuous and minimally disturbed sonic core from the upper approximately 300 feet of the alluvial aquifer, 2) to construct a dual-string piezometer in the resulting corehole, 3) to use the piezometers as injection and monitoring points in Nye County tracer tests, and 4) to provide water level and water chemistry data from the upper alluvial aquifer.

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Last Updated on July 23, 2006