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Status:  Completed

Latitude/Longitude (Datum NAD-83):
  36 42' 15.777" North  
116 26' 52.692" West
Legal Description:
Township 14S Range 49E
Section 27 NE 1/4 SW 1/4

Ground Elevation (Datum NGDV-29): 
850.03 meters AMSL (2788.81 feet)

Access: From the intersection of Highway 95 and Highway 373, go west on Highway 95 about 0.2 miles to the intersection of Highway 95 and the Gate 510 road.  Go north 1.8 miles to Powerline Road, turn left (west) just south of the 510 gate, continue 2.5 miles along Powerline Road, turn right just east of site 19 and continue approximately 2.1 miles along the road to the well site.

Purpose: The NC-EWDP-24PB borehole was designed to serve as a specialized well for proposed future tracer testing.  The borehole was drilled to approximately 1,500 feet below ground surface and completed as a piezometer well with a single screen extending across the water table.   

The borehole was completed to 1,394 feet after meeting geologic objectives.  Primary technical objectives include: 1) collect and geologically log continuous drill cutting samples and run borehole geophysical logs to approximately 1,394 feet; 2) conduct Fluid Electrical Conductivity (FEC) logging to define flowing intervals and measure specific discharge; 3) provide water level and water chemistry data; 4) serve as a tracer testing well for single well tests in fractured volcanic rocks; and 5) serve as a potential location for natural gradient cross hole tracer testing at the water table.

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Last Updated on November 14, 2006