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Well No. NC-GWE-PV-4


Status:  Completed on 6/05/2010

Latitude/Longitude (NAD 83) - Approximate:
36 9' 52.01" N     116 2' 14.91" W

Legal Description: T20S R53E S32 SE 1/4

Total Depth of Borehole (ft):  180.0
Total Depth of Well (ft):  160.7
Elevation of Ground Surface (ft amsl):  2559.0
Elevation of Water (ft amsl):  2483.6
Depth to Water (ft bgl):  75.4
Screened Interval (ft bgl):  70-150
Sandpack Depth (ft bgs):  65-180
Estimated Airlifted Water Production (gpm):  25
(depth to water values based on post-drilling measurements taken in March 2011)
Contact Intervals (ft bgl)

Stratigraphic Unit

0-180   Lean Clay

Access:  There are several access routes possible to NC-GWE-PV-4.  The one shown is from the intersection of Nevada Highway 372 and Red Rock Drive heading south on Red Rock Drive about 1.7 miles.  Turn right onto W. Calvada Blvd and proceed about 0.4 miles.  Take the first left onto Winchester Avenue and drive south for about 1.4 miles.  Take a left onto Marion Miller Street and go east about 0.4 miles and turn left onto S. Tumbleweed Avenue, and go north about 0.1 mile.  NC-GWE-PV-4 will be on the left side of the road.  Click on the thumbnail image for a larger view.

- Groundwater Conditions in Pahrump Valley:  
NC-GWE-PV-4 is one of five boreholes and wells that were drilled to infill data gaps in the Water Level Monitoring Program (WLMP), especially on the Pahrump Fan.




RID Description Data Metadata Date

Well Completion Diagrams

7805.02 NC-GWE-PV-4 Well Completion Diagram rid7805_02.pdf meta7805_02.pdf 6/10/11

Geophysical Data

7783 NC-GWE-PV-4 Open Hole Geophysical Logs, including: natural gamma, 8-, 16-, 32-, and 64-inch normal and lateral resistivity, fluid temperature, fluid resistivity, and caliper logs. Data collected on 6/05/10; Data are in log ASCII format (.las). rid7783.zip meta7783.pdf 10/28/10
7851 NC-GWE-PV-4 Completion Geophysical Logs, including: natural gamma, 8-, 16-, 32-, and 64-inch normal and lateral resistivity, fluid temperature, fluid resistivity, and density logs. Data collected on 12/16/2010; Data are in log ASCII format (.las). rid7851.zip meta7851.pdf 4/14/11

Ground Water Chemistry

7900 NC-GWE-PV-4, PV-5 and 33PA Ground water chemistry results including major ions, nutrients, and metals from ACZ Laboratories, Inc.; SIRA of nitrogen in nitrate from Isotech Laboratory; and gross alpha and gross beta from Radiation Safety Engineering.  rid7900.zip meta7900.pdf 5/6/11

GPS Location Data

7838 Post-processed Global Positioning System (GPS) positions for wells NC-GWE-PV-4, PV-5, 2P, 8PA, 33PA, and Felderhoff-25-1-PA. rid7838.pdf meta7838.pdf 03/26/12

NAD 83 - North American Datum of 1983
AMSL    - Above Mean Sea Level
BGL      - Below Ground Level
BGS      - Below Ground Surface
GPM     - Gallons Per Minute
GWE     - Groundwater Evaluation



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