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The following files provide the electronic versions of technical data submitted to the NWRPO QA Records Center.  The "RID#" is a unique identifier that is used to reference a technical data submittal to the NWRPO QA Records Center.  The "Description" field provides a brief title for the data and the electronic format.  The "Data Files" field holds the data to be downloaded.  "Metadata" is a report that describes the data, and provides important information about any constraints on the use of the data.  "Date Posted or Revised" is the date the data were posted to this page, or the date a revision to the data  were reposted to this page.   "LSN" signifies the data have been posted to the Licensing Support Network. Please keep in mind the data files can be very large, and may require several minutes to download.



3575 Well Testing in Ultra-High Permeability Formations by D. Cox et. al., SPE 63279.

YMP DTN: MO0104NYE03575.076      TDIF: 311924
meta3575.pdf 8/23/04 X
4635 An Evaluation of Some Assumptions in the 1997 Death Valley Regional Groundwater Flow System Model Using Analyses of Groundwater Flow in the Amargosa Valley and Yucca Mountain Areas, Nye County, Nevada, June 2001 - NWRPO-2001-02.

YMP DTN: MO0409NYE04635.244     TDIF 316846
meta4635.pdf 10/05/04 X
4683 Analysis of Pump-Spinner Test and 48-Hour Pump Test in Well NC-EWDP-19D, Near Yucca Mountain - NWRPO-2001-03.

YMP DTN: MO0201NYE04683.101     TDIF:  312749
meta4683.pdf 8/23/04 X
4802 Analysis of 24-hour Pump Test in Well NC-EWDP-3S, Near Yucca Mountain - NWRPO-2002-01. 
YMP DTN:  MO0202NYE04802.103     TDIF 312803
meta4802.pdf 8/23/04 X
4865 Nye County Nuclear Waste Repository Project Office Independent Scientific Investigations Program: Preliminary Evaluation of a Modified Conceptual Design of a Naturally-Ventilated Repository, February 2002 - NWRPO-2002-02. 

YMP DTN:  MO0207NYE04865.130     TDIF 313213
meta4865.pdf 8/23/04 X
4919 Analysis of Pump-Spinner Test and 48-Hour Pump Test in Well NC-EWDP-7SC, Near Yucca Mountain, Nevada - March 2002, NWRPO-2002-03.

YMP DTN:  MO0207NYE04919.132     TDIF 313215
meta4919.pdf 8/23/04 X
5258 Preliminary Analysis of Pump-Spinner Tests and 48-hour Pump Tests in Wells NC-EWDP-19IM1 and -19IM2, Near Yucca Mountain, Nevada, NWRPO-2002-05, September 2002. 

YMP DTN: MO0212NYE5258.150     TDIF 313831
meta5258.pdf 8/23/04 X
5478 Preliminary Analysis of Pump-Spinner Tests and Pump Test in Well NC-EWDP-22S, Near Yucca Mountain, Nevada - NWRPO-2002-06, January 2003  RID5478.doc
meta5478.pdf 8/23/04 X
5629 Professional Papers for the 2003 International High Level Radioactive Waste Management (IHLRWM) Conference, Las Vegas, NV, March 30 - April 2, 2003.

YMP DTN: MO0410NYE05629.297     TDIF 317008
meta5629.pdf 8/27/04 X
6313 Professional Paper for the 2002 Waste Management Conference, February 24-28, 2002, Tucson, AZ, "Evaluation of Lithophysal Conductivity, Diffusivity, and Porosity Measurements Using the REKA Method", by George Danko, Nipesh Shah, and Davood Bahrami, Mackay School of Mines, University of Nevada, Reno.

YMP DTN: MO0410NYE06313.298     TDIF 317014
meta6313.pdf 8/27/04 X
6314 Professional Paper for the 2002 Waste Management Conference, February 24-28, 2002, Tucson, AZ, " The Application of CFD to Ventilation Calculations at Yucca Mountain", by George Danko and Davood Bahrami, Mackay School of Mines, University of Nevada, Reno.

YMP DTN: MO0410NYE06314.299     TDIF 317015
meta6314.pdf 8/27/04 X
6418 Professional Paper for the 2004 Devils Hole Workshop, June 2004, Pahrump, NV, "Devils Hole Workshop Special Session Summary, Evaluation, and Recommendations for Increased Stakeholder Cooperation" -  NWRPO-2004-01, prepared by Earth Knowledge, LLC, Tucson, AZ.

YMP DTN: MO0505NYE06418.315     TDIF 317453
meta6418.pdf 5/10/05 X
6453 Analysis of Aquifer Pump Tests in Individual Well Zones at Site 22, Near Yucca Mountain, Nevada, NWRPO-2004-02.

YMP DTN: MO0509NYE6453.327     TDIF: 317780
meta6453.pdf 8/24/05 X
6833 Square Array Direct Current Resistivity Measurements Conducted at Nye County near Borehole NC-EWDP-29P.

YMP DTN: MO00611NYE06833.354     TDIF: 318973
meta6833.pdf 11/09/06 X
6930 Analysis of 48-hour Aquifer Pump Test at Site 10 Near Yucca Mountain, Nevada.  NWRPO-2006-01, Cox Engineering Corporation, February 2006.

YMP DTN: MO00611NYE06930.352    TDIF: 318962
meta6930.pdf 11/09/06 X
6931 Vapor Transport, Performance, and Design" NWRPO-2006-05, April 2006.

YMP DTN: MO00611NYE06931.353    TDIF: 318965
meta6931.pdf 11/09/06 X
6954 Climate Change Effects on Yucca Mountain Region Groundwater Recharge, presented at the American Nuclear Association's 2006 International High-Level Radioactive Waste Management Conference, Las Vegas, NV, April 30 - May 4, 2006.

YMP DTN: MO0611NYE06954.347   TDIF: 318957
meta6954.pdf 11/09/06 X
6975 The Growth, Decay, and Hydrologic Significance of Groundwater Mounds in the Yucca Mountain Region. NWRPO-2006-09, June 2006.

YMP DTN: MO0611NYE06954.347   TDIF: 318958
meta6975.pdf 11/09/06 X
7242 Dipole-Dipole Direct-Current Resistivity Survey Along the Southern Fortymile Wash in Nye County, Nevada.

YMP DTN: MO0712NYE07242.441   TDIF: 320125
meta7242.pdf 12/06/07 X
7290 Professional Paper Titled "Water, Vapor, and Salt Dynamics in a Hot Repository," submitted to the Fall 2006 Materials Research Society Meeting.

YMP DTN: MO0709NYE07290.439   TDIF: 320020
meta7290.pdf 08/29/07 X
7290.01 Published Professional Paper titled "Water, Vapor, and Salt Dynamics in a Hot Repository,"  Material Research Society Symposium Proceedings, Vol. 985, 2007, pp. 525-532 (0985-NN13-06).

YMP DTN: MO0902NYE72901.476   TDIF: 320349

meta7290_01.pdf 12/30/08 X
7434 Tracer Test Results, February 2008. NWRPO-2007-07.

YMP DTN: MO0804NYE07434.442   TDIF: 320205
meta7434.pdf 04/04/08 X
7533 Increased Storage Capacity at Yucca Mountain Favors Thermal Management for a Cold Repository, by G. Danko, D. Bahrami, and J. Walton in: Journal of Nuclear Technology, V. 163, pp. 47-61, July 2008.

YMP DTN: MO0810NYE07533.473  TDIF: 320326
meta7533.pdf 10/10/08 X
7565 Limitations and Patterns of Radionuclide Release from Partially Failed Containers, presented at the 2008 International High Level Radioactive Waste Management Conference, Las Vegas, NV. RID7565.pdf
meta7565.pdf 12/30/08 X
7567 Conceptual Model for Flow Separation Processes Affecting Waste Package Chemical Environment, Yucca Mountain, Nevada published in Applied Geochemistry: 21 (2006), pp. 859-869. RID7567.pdf
meta7567.pdf 12/30/08 X
8033 Brittle Tertiary Detachments in the Specter Range, Southern Nevada, and Their Implications for Groundwater Flow Southward from the Nevada Test Site.  Submitted by Lindsay Williams in partial fulfillment for the degree of Master of Science, University of Pittsburg, 2011. 130 pp. rid8033.pdf
  03/27/12 X
8050 Professional Paper titled "Characterization of the Highway 95 Fault in Lower Fortymile Wash using Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods, Nye County, Nevada" by J.P. Macy, L. Kryder, and J. Walker, 2012.  Prepared by U.S. Geological Survey and Nye County Nuclear Waste Repository Project Office. USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2012-5060, 54 pp. rid8050.pdf
  12/14/12 X
8084 Well Test Analysis and Estimation of Long Term Drawdown in Valley Fill Aquifer due to Pumping at the Recompleted Well NC-EWDP-4PD, by Norwest Corporation, January 2012, 27pp. rid8084.pdf
  3/20/13 X


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